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Hello Christmas!!!

While yes, I love Thanksgiving and everything that comes with it, the food, family and fun, my most favorite holiday is Christmas.  I am a Christmas nut as some would like to call me.  I would put up my christmas tree at the beginning of November if it wasn’t frowned upon and I could/do listen to Christmas music for 6 of the 12 months in the year.  In fact I love July because Hallmark channel plays Christmas movies all month.  It’s only like the best thing ever!!! They call it “Jolly July” and it makes my heart so happy.  There is something about Christmas that just warms my heart.  One of the many things I love is the focus on giving.  Even though we should be serving and giving our time/money year round, Christmas is a time where we are reminded of it’s importance.  My church does lots of different things to reach out to those in need.  We do Lottie Moon Christmas Offering as well as a Lottie Moon Christmas Auction.  We do the Christmas shoe boxes where families fill a shoe box with gifts to send overseas to children that won’t get anything for Christmas.  We serve locally by collecting food items to put together Christmas food baskets to send to families in need in our own town.  We have angle trees set up around the church to also help meet the needs of people in the community.  These are just some of the few things we do to serve and give back to others during the Christmas season.  What I would love to see is this love and sense of giving everyone has during Christmas to extend year round and not just once a year.

Go look up Josh Wilson’s Song: Once a Year

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There is so much to be Thankful for!!! (part III)

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought I would end this 3 week series of thankfulness by stating my thankfulness for the holiday itself.  I am thankful that we get to have a day to spend with family and friends focusing on the blessings in our lives.  I am thankful for the nice little break from school and work that we get.  I’ve always loved thanksgiving break because that is when my family puts up our Christmas decorations, which are some of my most favorite memories as a child and still to this day.  I spend hours of my break drinking coffee and watching lots and lots of hallmark movies.  I am so thankful for time to relax and escape reality for a few days.  It’s so nice to spend quality time with my brothers and my mom and dad.  They are such a blessing in my life and I am extremely thankful for them.

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving, full of turkey, pumpkin pie and of course THANKFULNESS!!!

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There is so much to be Thankful for!!! (Part II)

With the big presidential election this past week, and the many discouraging comments and negative feedback from it, I thought I would take the time in this weeks post to block out the negative and bring out some positive.  All too often we worry about things we can’t control and we loose sight of what we have, and what we are blessed with by living in this country.

Let me start by saying, this post is not going to include my political views.  Just a heads up.  I’m not going to fill your heads will more overwhelming political information.  And I’m not going to spend time on discussing thankfulness for president elect Donald Trump. However, I will spend time discussing my thankfulness for this nation that is so near and dear to my heart.  I’m thankful for a country that allows me to express my religion freely.  I’m thankful for a country who values education. I’m thankful for a country that contains men and women who fight so I may enjoy such freedoms as these.  While yes this country is falling away from it’s values it was founded upon, and is starting to loose sight of what is really important, I can say that not nearly as many people are as blessed as we.

While yes, I am very thankful for this country that I get to call home, I am most thankful that I have a sovereign, powerful, mighty, all knowing, omnipotent God who remains in control.  So no matter what this country or this world throws our way, we can flee from doubt and rest assured that he has and always will be in control.

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There is so Much to be Thankful for!!! (part I)

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching us, I thought I would take my next couple weekly posts to name a few of the many many things I am thankful for.  I think it is very important and extremely healthy that we all take time each and everyday to tell the Lord and other people what we are thankful for.  I know I can speak for myself when I say, all too often I spend time thinking about what others have and compare their lives to mine.  Well let me tell you, that simply does no good for anyone.  So I encourage you to tag along with me as I challenge myself to say my thanks each and everyday this month.

One of the things I am MOST thankful for is my church family.  I attend Woodland Heights Baptist Church, and it has been my home for the past 19 and a half years.  The people that fill it up each week are phenomenal.  They are compassionate and kind.  They are selfless and giving.  They are prayer warriors and servants.  When people ask me, “what is one thing that has made you the person you are today?”  My answer is always, “my church.”  My Savior, my pastors, my friends and my family that are members of the church have made me who I am.  They encourage me when I doubt.  They are there for me in trials.  They lead me back on path when I spiritually lead astray.  If I think about my life without any of those people… I simply can’t imagine it.  So here it is,  Lord, I am thankful that you saved me from my sin, and I am thankful that you placed me at Woodland Heights where I am embraced with a body of believers that challenge me and never leave my side.

What are you thankful for?

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Happy Listening!

If you know me at all you know I LOVE MUSIC.  However, that also means you probably know the Lord as not blessed me with the voice of an angle. But that sure doesn’t stop me from jammin!!!  My top three genres would have to be christian, country and what my friend likes to call… “coffee shop music,” also known as love songs or feel good music.  Ya know those songs that just put a smile on your face that you know needs to make an appearance because the day you’ve had, lets just say isn’t the brightest you’ve experienced. I like to think music is healing and nurture for the soul.  It’s almost an escape from reality.  My friends and I will just get in the car and cruise while listening to our favorite songs.  One of our favorite artists is Ben Rector, and let me tell you he is THE BOMB!!!  If you don’t know who he is look him up because he may just change your life.  Okay… that’s a little dramatic but really, he’s awesome.  In fact, I recently went to my second concert of his this past month at the Tennessee Theater in Knoxville. It was for sure a night to remember.  He is so talented that he leaves you astonished by all the things he can do. His voice sounds better in person than it does on his albums. He puts on a great show and makes things so original and unique.  He really lets his audience in on his realness and authenticity.  He makes it clear that he’s just a normal guy that got blessed with being able to share his talents with the world.  Look at me, y’all probably think I’m “Crazy” {which is actually the name of one of his songs!} and maybe even a little obsessed which, yes are probably both very true.  I would like to think if we met in real life we would be best friends, which probably will never happen, but ya know what they say… “Never say Never” right???  Anyways, I could wrap this post up in a few words… music rocks, Ben is awesome, I’m obsessed, and everyone should join the fan club!!!

Suggested Songs: #MyPersonalFavorites

  1. The Beat
  2. White Dress
  3. When a Heart Breaks
  4. Brand New
  5. Men That Drive Me Places


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Biltmore Estate

Need a good recommendation on where to go for your next vacation?  Well let me help you with that.  Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina should be moved to the top of your list.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Myself and two of my closest friends went about a week and a half ago for a quick, fun, little getaway weekend.

A young man named George Vanderbilt found a perfect spot to build a magnificent house on the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.  The house was built by his dear friend Richard Morris Hunt.  The house consists of 250 rooms and 65 fireplaces.  The Estate is open to tourist daily.  Tickets to get into the house cost between $65 and $75.  Once you get in, you can pay more to do more things.  We did the simple audio tour which only added $12 to our payment.  I highly recommend you get some type of tour, whether that be a guided tour with a tour guide, a private tour or like I mentioned earlier, the audio tour.  You won’t get the full experience unless you are informed on all the unique things that make the Estate so spectacular.

You could spend days on the Estate alone.  They have a village, a winery, a farm, an Inn and multiple stores and restaurants.  We crammed in as many things as we could in one day.  It is truly a beautiful place with history that is so intriguing.  I hope you all get the opportunity to experience the Biltmore Estate at some point in your lifetime, because it is for sure a sight to see.

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Friendly Photoshoot!

My best friend’s 20th birthday was about a week and a half ago.  So, to celebrate we got a small group of girls together and went to the pumpkin patch for a little photoshoot fun.  There were 4 of us girls. One of them happened to be a photographer so she brought her camera.  She was renting a really nice lens because she had a wedding to photograph that weekend. So you could say we felt like we were the real deal.  We spent hours just laughing and enjoying the beautiful weather and of course each others company.  I loved seeing all the fall colors and the bright orange, white and green pumpkins.  The pumpkin patch is right next to a field of sunflowers.  We couldn’t  resist but to take some pictures in it.  It was nice to escape reality for just a little while.

After it got dark we left and went out to eat to continue the celebration.  We ate and chatted about ya know… girl stuff!  It was awesome getting to spend an evening celebrating my best friend.  She deserved a day all about her because she always focuses on making everyone else in her life feel special, so it was nice to do the same for her.  I am extremely blessed, and thankful for awesome, godly friendships, beautiful fall weather and evenings like that one.