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Peace Out, Teens!

On Sunday, May 21, I officially said peace out to being a teenager.  Turning 20 really threw me off because I still feel like I’m 12 most of the time.  However, this new year of life has led me to a time of reflection, as most things typically do. (I do TOO much thinking!) 20 years. Wow, how have I even been alive that long, because it sure doesn’t feel like it.  It seems like yesterday I was studying for spelling tests, playing ball in the front yard with the neighbors, and throwing pool parties at the house.  I started thinking back on the past 20 years, on all of the many opportunities I have had, the trials I have faced, the heartbreak I have experienced, and the joy I have found in Christ.  Life has been SO good, filled with hard times, yet peace, and filled with uncertainty, yet hope.  As I look at my life I can’t help but ask, why me? How and why am I so Lucky?  I am blessed with the BEST family, an AWESOME church home, AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL friends, a GREAT education, and a PERFECT Savior who sacrificed himself for me.

So yes, I will say it again, life is SO good. NOT easy, but good, sweet in fact.  It’s been a wild ride, these past 20 years, and God has revealed himself in so many significant ways. If there is one thing I have learned thus far, it’s that this life is a grain of sand compared to eternity.  And I don’t know about you, but I want to be living this fleeting life being salt and light to a lost world.  If I make it another 20 years on this earth, I hope I can say what Paul said to the church in Philippi, “that what has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel.”



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Sweet Summertime: A Season For Growth

As finals week quickly approaches and the semester draws to a close, the reality that summertime is near finally hits home.  Majority of my summers have consisted of multiple vacations, mission trips and church camps leaving me with only a few free weeks of downtime.  This summer will be different. Much different.  Most of my weeks this summer will be spent here in town.  And while yes, there is a part of me that screams for adventure, another part of me is thrilled for this new type of summer break. My main goal this summer:  GROW, GROW, GROW, and GROW some more.  And while yes having a few more inches on these short legs of mine would be nice, that’s not quite the type of growth I’m talking about.

Spiritual growth is my goal.  I don’t want to get to the end of the summer and say, “well that was a waste of 3 and a half months.”  (Which I admit, in the past have been my thoughts going into a new school year.) But instead, I want to look back and say, “WOW, God did all this in 3 and a half short months.”  I think as a college student, we are blessed with so many different opportunities with having a summer break.  And I think God uses each neat opportunity in different ways for different people.  While God calls some people over seas for the summer, and calls others to work at a camp all summer, he also calls people to STAY and serve where they are. (Which is an awesome thing too!!!)

I don’t know where God has called you to spend your time this summer, but wherever that place is, serve faithfully and make it a priority to spend alone time with Jesus.  I don’t know about y’all, but I love setting goals, and I mean BIG goals. Because I know that, He can do far beyond all that I could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).  I think goals are important when trying to stay focused, or trying to accomplish anything for that matter.  So I challenge you to set goals for this summer, and then tell someone who can keep you accountable.

Here are a few of my (broad/general) goals:

  • Pray Pray Pray
  • Have a set time each day that I spend alone with Christ
  • Continue to memorize scripture
  • Listen Listen Listen
  • Find someone to mentor
  • Have gospel conversations

So wherever you go or stay, let him use you this summer!! God wants to do BIG things, lets let him!

With Love,


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A Bad Case of Spring Fever!!!

This is one of my most favorite times of the year.  EVERYTHING IS GREEN!!! I love the smell of freshly cut grass that fills the streets, the bright sun that warms my skin, and the fact that it stays light out past 7:30PM. (This makes evening walks much more enjoyable.)  I love the anticipation for summer.  The build up of having some time to rest, relax, reflect, replenish and most importantly to continue to grow in Christ.  That’s what I am praying for this summer, and I’m so excited to see what the Lord has in store.  However, right now my motivation for my school work is seeming to be much harder to find.  SOLUTION:  Take ones homework outside.  I get so much joy from just sitting on my chair in the back yard reading my books, or studying for an upcoming exam, while of course drinking lemonade and eating my weight in frozen grapes. (Pretty sure my dad thinks the grapes disappear because, he’ll buy a big bag from Sam’s one day, and the next they are gone because I immediately put them all in the freezer. #SorryNotSorryPops)  It is crazy how much more I enjoy doing my school work.  This pasty body was tired of being cooped up inside and was ready for some sunlight and some warmer weather.

This season of my life leads me to reflect.  As my first year of college comes to a close, and as I look back on what God has done in the past 9 months of this new chapter in my life, I am in absolute awe.  Y’ALL, GOD IS GOOD AND HE IS CONSTANT!!! I’ve grown in ways I never thought possible.  I’ve met people who encourage me, pray for me and hold me accountable.  I’ve seen God do BIG things in the past 9 months.  I’ve seen him save lost souls. I’ve seen him protect. I’ve seen him heal. I’ve seen him give, and I’ve seen him take away.  I’ve seen him at work in my church. I’ve seen him at work in my school.  I’ve seen him at work in my relationships. And I’ve seen him at work in my home.  Ten months ago I was scared.  I was worried I wasn’t going to make any new friends, I was worried I wouldn’t find a place where I could thrive. But PEOPLE, PRAYER IS POWERFUL!!!  And I don’t know what you are going through, but I know Christ is Lord of our heights, our depths, our futures and our pasts.  He is faithful, and I am undeserving of his love.

With love, Mica!


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Oh Canada! #SpringBreak2k17

This Spring Break I was given the opportunity to go on a mission trip with the BCM to Canada.  We worked along side with a local church while witnessing to the students at the University of Manitoba.  The week was primarily focused on evangelism.  Our days typically consisted of…

  1. Waking up freezing cold, but we survived!!!
  2. Heading to Campus
  3. Finding a Tim Hortons for coffee (this was a must)
  4. Setting up different tables around campus with soularium cards (basically cards that lead to gospel centered conversations)
  5. Walking around campus sharing the gospel and handing out cards for an event we were putting on with the church we were working with.

Let me tell you, GOD SHOWED UP THIS WEEK! He opened doors and opened hearts.  Two people made professions of faith while many others were able to connect to the church. (Praise Jesus!!!!)  I was astonished by the number of people that were unaware of the gospel.  Y’ALL, PEOPLE NEED JESUS!!! This trip there were a handful of things the Lord revealed to me.  Most I was aware of already, but He sent me some friendly reminders.

  1. People that say they are “Christians,” aren’t always Christians.
  2. People are searching for something
  3. People live HARD lives
  4. The Lord reveals himself to his people
  5. People are confused
  6. People need Jesus
  7. I need to share the gospel more
  9. He alone saves

It was also made aware to me that…

  1. Floor hockey is a BLAST
  2. Canada is COLD
  3. Laughing is FUN
  4. Driving is LONG
  5. Canadian crepes are DELICIOUS
  6. Fellowship with fellow believers is so SWEET

I am so thankful for those of you who financially supported me and for those who were consistently praying for us. The gospel was shared, seeds were planted and we were blessed enough to see some of the fruits from those seeds.  We are continuing to pray for those that need the Savior.  Many close relationships were formed throughout the week.  We are praying that we can continue to keep in touch and follow through with some of these students that we connected with this past week.

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Passion 2k17 #SeeYouAtTheDome: Day 2

Day two at Passion 2k17 was just as fabulous as day one.  Day two consisted of 4 sessions.  So to make this short and sweet I am going to give a few take aways from the day as a whole.

John Piper discussed the ultimate essence of evil and how putting anything above God is sin.  He also pointed out Romans 14:23 which basically states that any action that doesn’t come from faith is sin.  This verse really stood out to me.  It’s something so so simple yet something we do while we don’t even realize that we do it.

Francis Chan preached from Isaiah 55 which talks about God’s ways being higher than ours, and his thoughts being higher than our thoughts.  He pointed out that we tend to listen to OUR thoughts way too much.  This sermon really spoke to me because I am totally guilty of justifying my actions by what I think.  I’m so quick to tell myself my opinion, when I should be taking it to God, reading His word to see what he reveals to me. WHO CARES about what little me thinks.  What HE thinks is the ONLY thing that matters.  He is the ONLY authority.  My favorite quote of the week was, “God doesn’t think of us the way we think of us, or even how we think he thinks of us.”  His thoughts are so much higher than ours we can’t even try to reach his level.  This sermon really just made me humble myself before Him.

Throughout day two, I was convicted left and right about things in my life that were not exactly reflecting Christ.  As I am now home and have entered back into reality I am working on multiple things in my life that need some tweaking.  I encourage you all to find something you are struggling with, give it to God and let him change you in this new year.  Good Luck and God Bless!

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He Makes us White as Snow!!!

Snow is good and snow is great.  In fact some of my most fun and memorable days have been snow days.  I tend to sleep in and enjoy a peaceful morning with coffee and usually something sweet for breakfast.  Ya know, you gotta splurge a little because it’s a special occasion.  This morning consisted of 2 very yummy cinnamon rolls made by my sweet momma! Nothing quite beats going to bed with the anticipation of a winter wonderland and waking up to the actual thing the next morning.  The perfect sheet of snow that lays across the front lawn and the picture perfect rooftops just makes me happy happy.  I love looking at the leaves on the bushes that have what seems to look like cotton balls resting on top.  The scenery just brings peace to my soul.  My friends and I went out to the woods behind my house and we were in awe of the beauty around us.  We had a blast throwing and blowing snow around.  We took some fun pictures to capture such sweet moments.

However throughout all the fun, I’m humbled by the fact that Jesus makes us white as snow.  When The Lord looks at us, he sees his son, Christ.  When I woke up this morning and gazed out my window, I was reminded of Natalie Grants song “Clean,” that says, “there’s nothing too dirty that you can’t make worthy, you wash me in mercy, I am clean.”  What a beautiful picture.  What a savior we have to see us not as broken, but beautiful, not shattered, but whole.  People… we are cleaned by the mercy and grace of Christ Jesus.  I can’t think of a more incredible thing.

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Passion 2k17 #SeeYouAtTheDome: Day 1

So I’m not really sure how to even begin to wrap up this three day experience into one post.  So I’ve decided I’m going to post one blog for each of the three days.  Each of the posts will consist of some of my main take aways from each session that day.  The Lord worked in mighty ways over three days, and I can’t help but share with you all what God did within my life and those around me.

The atmosphere alone is incredible.  It’s breathtaking and simply indescribable.  It’s so indescribable because of the presence of the Holy Spirit in a place where 55,000 people are gathered in His name.

Night One

Speaker: Christine Cain (phenominal by the way)

Christine preached from Hebrews chapter 12 and had a main topic of “Endurance.”  She stated, “You don’t build endurance in the path of least resistance.” In other words you build your strength when you are put in situations that test you and cause you to rely on God. We need to start dropping the weights that are holding us back and slowing us down so we can accomplish what God has in store for us.

She also hit on that fact that we tend to live for the future.  We say, “I can’t wait for that, I can’t wait to be there so I can do that.” We need to start living for the HERE and NOW! I know for me I really need to focus on being faithful where God has placed me.  If I’m not faithful here, I can’t be fruitful there.

My big take away is to trust that I am where I am because God has a task for me.  God has placed me on MY campus, in MY classes, in MY town for a reason, and instead of wishing my “now” away, I can live fully in my present knowing I have things to accomplish for the kingdom of God.

So let’s go and be the hands and feet of Jesus each and everyday where God has placed us, because we are HERE for a reason.